Classic THE FIST 08 | Fisti & Fert

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>> Classic THE FIST 08: Fisti & Fert

Fisti & Fert talk about techno

Fisti: What’s techno, Fert?

Fert: Well, techno is a music genre that originated in the 1980s, Fisti. You can recognize it from its heavy bass and loud boom.

Fisti: Oh. And why is techno always so loud, Fert?

Fert: Real techno comes from the underground. It’s about rebellion, freedom and ecstasy. That has to be loud.

Fisti: Ohhhh. That sounds very loud, Fert. Is there also quiet techno?

Fert:  That’s actually a dumb question, Fisti. Yet, indeed, in recent years, more and more techno clubs have emerged, which are so quiet that people can actually talk to each other.

Fisti: Oh. That has to be fairly quiet, then. But tell me Fert, who is allowed to go to a techno club?

Fert: Originally everybody, Fisti. However, recently more and more rules are coming up and it’s not so easy anymore to enter a techno club.

Fisti: Oh really? But I would really love to go to a techno club some time. How do I get in, Fert?

Fert: Alright, so listen, Fisti. You have to keep in mind four things. First, it’s good to dress all black.

Fisti: All black? But I don’t have any black clothes. What a way to start…

Fert: Well, alright then, Fisti. Let’s just try number two. Go on Facebook and take a look at the DJs that are playing in the club that night. It could be that they ask you for it at the entrance.

Fisti: Oh dear, Fert. I’m so bad at remembering names. But I’ll try.

Fert: And Fisti, number three is also important. When you are standing in front of the club, don’t laugh!

Fisti: Don’t laugh? Well, that doesn’t work for me. Grrrrrrrr.

Fert: And now, last but not least, number four, Fisti. You are not allowed to make photos with your mobile phone at the club.

Fisti: Oh, that’s a good one, Fert. I don’t have a mobile phone. Grrrrrrrr. Tell me Fert, is techno always so complicated?

Fert: No Fisti. Actually, techno is pretty simple. It has to bang, and the people should have fun.

Fisti: And why do people always talk so complicated? They say things like retro-futur-ism, sound-des-ign, sph-er-ical tunes or smoo-th tran-si-ti-ons. That sounds quite complicated, Fert.

Fert: Well Fisti, what shall I say. I don’t really know.