Real underground snorky shit! Or what is it about the Snork?


"Snork is one of those original labels that has its own unique take on techno not following any fashion or trend, just its own honest feeling. It´s the reason that made me intersted in the first place."

SnoRK Enterprises

It’s a distinct sound diving deep down into the spheres of genuine underground techno where bass-lines surround your mind and the fascination of a gloomy yet groovy world of sounds inevitably enters your head. With each of its releases, Snork Enterprises records has been going on a journey deep down under the ground, where the light is dark and the bass is booming.

It’s that kind of place where thoughts and conventions get overridden by the purity of sound; a place where well-known artists and astonishing newcomers expose their experimental spirit leading to a very peculiar sound. What’s top of the record charts does not matter. Bestsellers are negligible. Snork is freedom of sound, no matter what! It’s not at all about being pretentious or arty for the sake of it. It’s about real depth on the dance floor.
It’s a journey with friends such as Jens Zimmerman, Phil Kieran, Cristian Vogel, Daze Maxim, Konstantin Sibold, Neil Landstrumm and other big names from the techno scene having dedicated themselves to an uncompromising, stunning beat and to go even further on a trip to the instantly exceptional, experimental sounds, ranging back to various roots of electronic underground.

It’s an experienced and passionate label having found its very special booth in the techno scene. 2004, it all started with nowadays sublabel Feinwerk. It was the first step towards more than ten years of genuine underground sound. Founded by techno DJ and producer Christian Schachta, known as Syntax Error, Snork Enterprises soon developed into a base for modern underground electronic techno music placed in Hamburg, Germany. Watch out! It does not always have to be London, Berlin or Chicago!

Wherever it is, it’s deep! Whenever it is, it’s a bash! Whatever it is, it is snorky!


"Snork Enterprises is one of these few labels, where art and the artist´s individuality are the center of their ambitions. The opposite of mainstream!"


"I always see Snork Enterprises as a very open canvas to release records with. Christian is open to new ideas and picks an interesting selection from the material i send over for him to check out. Christian usually manages to put together a creative and unique ep out of the tracks and gets it heard in the dense and quite narrow German electronic market.For me its an outlet in Germany that is will to represent the more vibrant and colourful UK sound which isn't always the easiest sell in Germany. The Snork label nights are always also pretty fun and unique , memorable ones have been under a motorway bridge, driving round a city on the back of a truck and in an old German wartime bunker with walls 5 metres thick."

Label owner

He is the Jack of all trades of the underground techno scene. Since 2000 Christian Schachta aka Syntax Error has been very active as label owner, producer, dj and party promoter. He has founded labels like FEINWERK, Relax2000, Snork Enterprises, started projects like the techno satire Classic THE FIST, played many gigs all over the world and produced a wide array of techno tracks. In doing so, he always remained a true underground artist with his very own sound vision - dark, experimentell and tricky.


"Snork is one of those great underground labels that has stuck it out and released top eclectic electronics over many years, Christian has always been true to his cause releasing very cool techno in his own right. Long may it live on!"