Snork102 | Clark Davis | Transatlantika Strafzins

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>> Snork102: Clark Davis – Transatlantika Strafzins


How about some bright groove fighting the dark winter days? Clark Davis will certainly light up your ears and mind. The three tracks on his new Snork Enterprises release “TransATLANTIKA Strafzins” are more than convincing.

Already with the first beat, you can feel the energy, which strongly keeps up during the entire song. Whether you are on the dancefloor or somewhere else – the beats, claps and heads make you move. It’s an energizing interaction of house tunes, funk and techno beats with a glance at the good old skool groove.

As special add-on, the release comes with remixes by two fellow artists from Hamburg. Lucinee turns the first track “Fail” into her very own “Epic Fail Remix” with a hearty load of acid rave. Label owner Christian Schachta aka Syntax Error himself takes on the second track “TransATLANTIKA”, morphs it into his tricky signature sound and creates a – how could it be different – “Yellow Remix”. Altogether the Hamburg connection is perfect.


1998 he bought his first record player. Ten years later, his first solo production was released on fach05 -VA – Treacle. In between, he became an active member of the techno scene by organizing thrilling off-location parties and starting his career as a DJ. For him, diversification was always very important. Whereas other DJs just play four-to-the-floor sounds, he combines plenty of genres. His music style can be described as a conglomerate of Detroit, House, Techno and Chill Out – as DJ as well as producer. After his debut, several more releases followed on labels like AFFIN, 3rdWAVEMUSIC , Connect FOUR Recordings, and WALL Music.

In 2017, the Hamburg-based and multi-talented techno artist founded his own label District 66 together with an old school friend. They host artists like Alexander Kowalski, Andre Kroneert, Markus Suckut, many more and of course Clark Davis himself. The label showcases take place in the most popular techno clubs in Hamburg such as Uebel & Gefährlich as well as recently PAL.


“Hypnotic” – if you were asked to describe this emerging artist from Hamburg in one word, this would be a good choice. Having been on the stage for only almost three years, Lucinee has quickly drawn enormous attention to her energetic and uncompromising style. Her DJ sets always oscillate between heavy hitting basslines, acid sonorities, hypnotic patterns and deep and haunting atmospheres. Since 2015, she managed to establish a well-known name within the underground techno scene in Hamburg and other cities performing in clubs like PAL (Hamburg), About Blank (Berlin), IfZ (Leipzig), and KB18 (Copenhagen). And her tour schedule is steadily becoming even more filled up.

In September 2017, she started her project „Lucid“, a party series with a focus on raw and energetic techno raves and a merging visual concept, supporting the local underground community. The concept has been appreciated quickly by the local scene and soon after the first few parties, Lucinee had been offered a residency at the renowned PAL nightclub, which she is holding since then and which already enabled her to play alongside big names like Blawan and Ellen Alien. At the same time, in the studio, she has been pursuing her own productions and will start her career as a likewise hypnotic producer with this release on Snork Enterprises.


Exactly this world of the deep and groovy techno music is the well-known territory of Syntax Error. Having started as techno DJ in the late 90ies, he soon found his very special sound favoring deep wobbly bass-lines, harsh snares, FM tones and drones, deep bass drums and tricky percussion. Like a syntax error, he breaks with commonplace regularities and creates a wholly new sound experience that is highly recognized within the techno scene.

Up to 2019, he has produced over 20 different 12” releases on the labels Snork Enterprises, Feinwerk, Relax2000 and UNDERtheGROUND Records. Each of his releases is an authentic, passionate creation of sound always mirroring some experience from his personal life – whether it’s from his adventures as scuba diving tycoon, as sonar operator or as DJ and producer enthusiastically roaming the techno club scene in Germany and abroad. In 2018, he finally realized his dream and went on his first Japan tour performing amongst others in the well-known Contact Club in Tokyo and live on air on the famous Japanese media platform Dommune.


It’s a distinct sound diving deep down into the spheres of genuine underground techno where bass-lines surround your mind and the fascination of a gloomy yet groovy world of sounds inevitably enters your head.

Founded in 2004 by techno DJ and producer Christian Schachta, known as Syntax Error, Snork Enterprises is a base for modern underground electronic techno music. It’s not at all about being pretentious or arty for the sake of it. It’s about real depth on the dance floor. Short and sweet: very snorky! It’s a journey with friends such as Cristian Vogel, Phil Kieran, Jens Zimmerman, Daze Maxim, DJ W!ld and other big names from the techno scene having dedicated themselves to an uncompromising, stunning beat to go even further on a trip to the instantly exceptional, experimental sounds, ranging back to various roots of electronic underground.