Snork107 | Various Artists | Spectrogram

Tokyo. Berlin. Hamburg. Snork #107 is a best-of-journey through the underground techno sounds of vibrant metropolitans. Five tracks with five totally different sounds – each handpicked by label owner and underground enthusiast Christian Schachta, and each a masterpiece of its own.
Starting off with the Hamburg based techno duo 7Function, the release directly reveals the true force of handmade basement techno: hard, headstrong, and honest. Straight outta Tokyo but with a reminiscent core of 2000s Berlin sound, Lyoma presents an energizing track that knows how to bounce. With “Um Midi” his fellow Mitchelrock, also Tokyo-based, proves his peculiar sense of experimental, minimalistic tunes.
NerkKirn from Berlin open up an enlightening early morning track. And last but not least, as digital gimmick, label owner Christian Schachta aka Syntax Error adds a wonderfully tricky, typically snorky track leading to melancholic memories and hopeful anticipation of many sweaty club nights.

Check it out on Bandcamp, available on vinyl and digital!